Business Immigration

Compliance, Visas, Permanent Residency and Naturalization

  • Compliance – Form I-9, Audits, Unfair Practices, Sanctions
  • Temporary Non-Immigrant Work Visas – H-1B, E, O, L-1, Others
  • NAFTA – Canada and Mexico
  • Permanent Residency – Immigrant Status Application, Adjustment of Status, Green Card, Condition Removal
  • Labor Certification
  • Derivative Visas– Immediate and Other Family Members
  • EB-5 – Regional Centers
  • Waivers – Bases of Excludability
  • Naturalization and Citizenship

The nation’s immigration laws require knowledgeable counsel to explain the intricate, and often confusing, provisions to clients. TREMITI LLC performs a broad range of immigration services for business and eligible individual clients. These services include general compliance, temporary non-immigrant work visas, immigrant visas, permanent residency applications, permanent (PERM) labor certification where required, derivative visas, naturalization and citizenship, EB-5 visas and regional centers and waiverson?grounds of inadmissibility.


TREMITI LLC advises and counsels its business clients about their responsibilities to comply with the nation’s immigration laws. As an example, TREMITI LLC counsels employers during the selection process about their obligations to hire only those job applicants who are authorized to work in the United States, and assists them with the necessary record-keeping. TREMITI LLC advises employers about sanctions that could be assessed for unfair immigration related employment practices.

Temporary Visas, NAFTA

TREMITI LLC prepares non-immigrant temporary work visas for employers seeking to hire foreign workers who would not otherwise be eligible to work in the United States. These visas include, but are not necessarily limited to, the H-1B, STEM applications pursuant to the H-1B,E visas, O visas, L-1A visas for intra-company transfers from foreign locations into the United States or to open a new office in this country and NAFTA related visas, among others. TREMITI LLC assists employers with labor certification (PERM) requirements applicable to several, but not all, non-immigrant and immigrant visa petitions.

Immigrant Visas, Permanent Residency

In addition to temporary non-immigrant work visas, TREMITI LLC prepares immigrant visa petitions and adjustment of status petitions based, for example, on family relationship or work status. These petitions provide a pathway to permanent residency, also known as the “green” card. If conditions are attached to approval of the permanent residency application, TREMITI LLC prepares the appropriate petition to remove those conditions on a timely basis, which permits the applicant to enjoy the privileges of full and complete permanent residency. TREMITI LLC also assists with any labor certification (PERM) requirements that must be satisfied as part of the immigrant petition process.

Derivative Visas

As a part of the visa process, whether temporary non-immigrant visas or immigrant visas are pursued, TREMITI LLC prepares any necessary attendant, or derivative, visa applications for immediate family members. Immediate family members typically include a spouse and children. Derivative visas allow immediate family members to enter the United States pursuant to the principal applicant’s petition or application.


The EB-5 visa is reserved for those who are able to invest certain substantial sums of money into projects that will ultimately lead to job creation in the United States, as long as all other eligibility criteria are satisfied. The most important aspect of the EB-5 visa to the foreign investor is that the visa, if approved, results in a clear path to permanent residency. Investments are usually made in projects through an existing economic or regional center or, if the investor is interested, through an economic or regional center of their own. TREMITI LLC counsels foreign investors about the EB-5 program and prepares the required visa documents on their behalf. Should a foreign investor prefer a regional center of their own, the process requires skilled attorneys and professionals in other related disciplines. TREMITI LLC teams with those attorneys and professionals to forge the strategic partnerships vital to a successful EB-5 visa experience.


Our nation’s immigration laws provide certain bases of excludability for prospective immigrants. Should a potential applicant have, for example, a criminal record, it may be possible to obtain a waiver of that particular ground of excludability or inadmissibility. TREMITI LLC prepares the necessary applications on behalf of those clients who seek a waiver of a particular ground of excludability.


Once permanent residency is achieved, there may be a desire on the part of the permanent resident to pursue naturalization and citizenship. Typically, naturalization may be pursued after a defined period has elapsed from the date on which permanent residency was granted. TREMITI LLC canprepare the naturalization application on behalf of eligible individuals.