• Employment Law


    TREMITI LLC counsels employers about a broad spectrum of human resources related legal issues. For example, TREMITI LLC counsels clients about the legal requirements governing the use of consumer and investigative reports.The ability of employers to conduct background investigations and reference checks is governed in large part by federal law.

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  • Labor Law


    TREMITI LLC advises and counsels Employers faced with impending contract negotiations, whether such negotiations encompass a new labor agreement or renewal of an existing agreement. It emphasizes pre-negotiation preparation available to counsel the employer prior to commencement of the negotiation or to represent the employer at the bargaining table.

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  • Business Immigration


    TREMITI LLC advises and counsels its business clients about their responsibilities to comply with the nation’s immigration laws. As an example, TREMITI LLC counsels employers during the selection process about their obligations to hire only those job applicants who are authorized to work in the United States, and assists them with the necessary record-keeping.

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  • OSHA


    TREMITI LLC advises its business clients about the legal obligations imposed by the General Duty clause and the specific safety standards associated with the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). TREMITI LLC firm assists clients with records retention, reporting requirements, variances, and with communication and notice obligations, pursuant to OSHA.

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  • Welcome



    TREMITI LLC is a New York City (Manhattan) based law firm formed in 2003 that concentrates its practice in the representation of businesses and organizations in the core areas of Employment and Labor Law, Business Immigration and Occupational Safety and Health Law, before federal and state agencies, courts and in arbitration.

    The firm’s core areas of practice present some of the most unique and diverse challenges that business clients face in today’s regulated environment. TREMITI LLC emphasizes a counseling and preventive approach to business problem solving. The firm believes that this approach minimizes management risk, improves organizational health and is most cost-effective, allowing the client to focus on the continued growth and sustainability of its business.

    TREMITI LLC is devoted to serving its clients’ needs by creating strategic partnerships with attorneys who practice in other business disciplines, and with consultants in the

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